EWR on Mac OSX

This is a step by step guide to getting EWR running on Mac OSX without the use of a Windows partition or virtual machine. It’ll also detail how to get Arsenic running.


  1. Start by downloading Wineskin Winery from http://wineskin.doh123.com/.

  2. Once downloaded, open Wineskin Winery and you should see the following dialog.

  3. Most likely, you won’t have an engine installed so go ahead and click the ‘+’ button to install an engine. In the next dialog, select an engine to install. Just install the first item in the drop down list (the newest engine).

  4. Once you have an engine installed, you need to create a blank wrapper for EWR. In the next dialog, give your wrapper a unique name. This will be what the final app will be called so name it EWR, Extreme Warfare Revenge, or whatever you like.

  5. Wineskin will create the wrapper. It will ask to install Gecko. I’m not sure if it’s needed or not so I went ahead and installed it. Do whatever you like here. Once created, it will ask to show you the empty wrapper in Finder. Go to the wrapper.

  6. At this point, you have two options to edit the wrapper – double clicking on whatever you named it (Extreme Warfare Revenge in my case) or two-finger click and “Show Package Contents” then doubleclicking on Wineskin.app. Eventually you’ll need to learn how to do things in the package (to install scenarios, pictures, Arsenic, etc.) so you might as well familiarize yourself now.

  7. Inside the package, you’ll see Wineskin.app and two folders – Contents and drive_c. Think of the drive_c folder as your typical C:\ hard drive on a Windows machine. We’ll come back to the Contents folder later to install Arsenic.

  8. The easiest way to install EWR is to drag and drop the entire EWR directory into your drive_c folder. Then open your blank wrapper to set everything up. Click on advanced when the wrapper dialog opens.

  9. If you had an installer, you could use the “Install Windows Software” option to run that installer like you would in Windows. Since we don’t, we need to tell the wrapper where the executable is.

  10. Once that is done, click on the Tools tab at the top and then the Winetricks button in the middle column.

  11. Inside Winetricks, either type ‘vb6’ in the search box or expand the ‘dlls’ list and find ‘vb6run.’ Select it and hit run.

  12. Winetricks will do its thing and you should be good to go to run EWR. Quit the wrapper editor and open your EWR.app. Enjoy.

  13. To install scenarios, pictures, etc. you need to click on Show Package Contents and find the EWR folder. From there, it’s similar to how you’d do it on Windows.


Using Arsenic

  1. This is kind of tricky. You’ll need to do this for each save you want to use Arsenic with.

  2. Show Package Contents and navigate the following folder structure – Contents/Resources/WineskinMenuScripts/

  3. You should see several files here all named in the following format – “string”Entry–”string”. We’ll be adding several file to this. For now, duplicate the file “AppEntry1–Wineskin Website”. Rename it to “AppEntry4–Arsenic”. Edit the new file with TextEdit.app.

  4. In TextEdit, leave the first five lines and replace line 7 with the following –

    Wineskin “$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/ewr4-2/s2/EWREditor45.exe”

    Wineskin must be capitalized. Obviously replace s2 with your save file directory.

  5. If you have more than 1 save file, you’ll need to do this for it since Arsenic needs to be in the save file directory. You can name each one separately (i.e. AppEntry4–Arsenic save 1, AppEntry5–Arsenic save 2, etc.).

  6. Arsenic is ready to go. Once you load your save, you can now click the app name in the menu bar and Arsenic from the drop down.

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