Hentai Harem Art Collections

HAREMBOW 2.0 SOURCE LIST Black: Mikasa Ada Wong Nessa Momo Yennifer Momiji Lady Nico Robin Kawakami Jasmine Bayonetta Laura Lulu Jade Mileena Mulan Chel Nico (DMC) Ryukko Satsuki Pharah Tifa Shego Nidalee …

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Art Tutorial links

Drawing: Things that work as intros to art Unknown Kanako guide by unknown. Submitted by LordAlfredo Warsign’s Epic art Rant By Warsign Anatole Serial’s Brief overview Video tutorials Video playlist of art tutorials submitted by Toyguin Sycra’s tutorials Submitted by Starfries Anatomy: Butts How to draw a girl’s thigh By pcmaniac88 Breasts Knees Understanding Anatomy: …

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FGO DIY Saint Quartz

DIY Saint Quartz Materials: Dichroic film (about 5″ x 7″) or paper Printer Clear tape Scissors 2 hrs of time Where to get dichroic film Before committing to buying dichroic film, I highly suggest going though this tutorial with the printed paper layout. Dichroic film can be bought online from Amazon or specialized vendors. The …

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